How To Win At Video Poker And Not Die Trying

One of the most common poker mistakes beginners make is to think of the game as a slot machine. This is perhaps the most dangerous errors of all. There's no relation between these two.

While playing slots, you're not in control of any outcome. A random number generator is activated after each spin, and you'll watch what happens. Instead, on a Video Poker machine, you get to face a wide range of decisions that will increase or decrease your chances of winning.

Did you know that video poker is one of the games with the lowest house advantage? The trick to taking advantage of that is to be persistent, patient, and rigorously apply your strategy.

Considering that, beating video poker has a lot to do with avoiding the following mistakes:

  • Not practicing before playing with real money. All professionals agree that when it comes to online casino gambling, the best decision is to play the game for free first. There are thousands of websites in which you can get a piece of the action without having to bet. Explore them!
  • Not researching about the machine. Do your homework and investigate the numbers of the games you're considering playing. You'll see a wide range of Return To Player (RTP) percentages. Choose the highest.
  • Being superstitious. One of the most common poker mistakes. We know you have a favourite number, but you better get rid of that unsuited 2-7 since it is not going to take you anywhere. Try to be objective about the game and stick to your strategy.
  • Not concentrating / Lack of focus. If you're in a Canadian brick and mortar casino, chances are there'll be lights, music, people passing by, good-looking waitresses, and things happening all around you. If you're at home, there are people in the house, a TV to watch while playing, and the phone might ring. Avoid all of that and focus on your game to exploit your opportunities.
  • Not being aware of what you've got. Many, many people throw away stair projects or colour projects without even noticing it. Most amateur players look only at the numbers on the cards, discarding their symbols and colours. Your chances of winning will dramatically decrease if you don't focus on all of your opportunities.
  • Not taking advantage of the royal flush 5-coin bonus. The ultimate goal in the game is to get a royal flush. By betting 1 to 4 coins, you'll get decent payouts; but if you bet five coins, you'll be participating for the highest jackpot the machine has to offer. It's an essential weakness to the house's edge.

Besides following this video poker tricks, also remember that you can get bonus points just from being there and betting. Whether you're inside the actual casino or playing online, make sure all your plays are being registered in a customer fidelity program. Ask your casino floor manager about it, or read about the offers on their website.