Privacy Policy follows a stringent policy on customer privacy. As a visitor to the site, you can be assured that our team takes all the precautions necessary to keep your browsing experience as anonymous as possible. Your privacy is crucial to us.

This particular casino compares website portal will never indulge in collecting or asking for private information from you. It means that you can sign up from your instance for our newsletters and promotional discounts. Whenever one registers or signs up, we collect the IP address, the date of subscription and the email address that is all.

Your IP address is a proof that the sign up was done by yourself and we do not get prosecuted for sending you SPAM emails. In combination, the email serves as the address. This information is never used for financial benefits or revealed in public.

Without your written permission none of your browsing data is shared or supplied to any advertisers or third party. If for any reason, you wish to unsubscribe from the services like the newsletter, you can do so easily at any time. And, on receiving this request all your data and records shall be erased with immediate effect from our databases.

Kindly NOTE that this privacy policy does not extend to any other website that you are transferred to from Online-Casino.Ca and solely and entirely applies to just Online-Casino.Ca. This is just a casino comparison website and not an operator (referring to the disclaimer). So, if you visit other websites by clicking the links here, you are subjected to their privacy policy. So, all different casino companies may handle your data differently, about which we have no information at all.

To further keep your privacy concerns, we do follow a strict checking of the publicly advertised privacy policy of the casino companies we list here. But, their internal operations and meaning of terms and jargons, collection, use or misuse, etc. are not a responsibility of Online-Casino.Ca. We maintain only those casinos who publicly comply with Canadian privacy policy laws. We are very strict in that term. Once you use their services, you must abide by their respective privacy policy, on which we do not have any rights to store, delete or exchange any of your information that you've shared with them/those sites on your consent.

Cookie usage

Online-Casino.Ca also complies with the strict cookie usage laws. You share only the cookies that Google Analytics collects by default. To know more about it, read about their data collection procedure from their official website. The statistics from Google Analytics is widely used, which is why we to resort to, to make our content better, improve SEO and improve audience reachability.

To make the above improvements, we register from what site you came from, what pages you see, your browser type and how long you've stayed on our website. By registering this information, we can make the user experience better. Google Analytics collects all this. To help restrict any external access, even by chance, the information that we collect is fully anonymous by manually turning OFF all sharing options of our Analytics account.

Additionally, you can switch off the cookies for to prevent us from tracking your activity on our page. However, turning off all cookies entirely will shut down online playing of the game itself.

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