Take Slot Tips From The Experts!

You don't have to be a professional gambler to recognize that there are no perfect systems to teach you how to win at the casino slot machines. The best way to win is to follow a straightforward set of rules and hope for a good luck streak.

Casino games are designed to make you spend lots of money. They don't care if you win or not since they have their costs covered by the high volume of players, so they focus on having you stay for more extended periods and place more bets.

Do Your Homework: What's Your Slot Machine's RTP?

The return to player rate is a percentage that indicates how much money is the machine programmed to return to the player. A slot machine with a 94% RTP is meant to end an unknown cycle of spins by giving away C$ 94 of every C$ 100 it receives in deposits.

But that doesn't mean you're going home with C$ 94 for every C$ 100 that come out of your pocket. It's a long-run thing, and nobody knows how long that cycle is meant to last. Just use the RTP as a reference. If you're deciding between two different games, choose the one with the highest RTP percentage.

Claim Bonus Codes And Promotions

Every online casino is eager to welcome you. They're willing to give away free spins, promotion codes, bonus points, and many more prizes to get your attention.

Before signing in on a new casino, look out for first-deposit bonuses and other advantages available only for new players. If you're already a frequent player, make sure you're using their fidelity program to enjoy exclusive features and promotions to pursue that big win.

Set Your Limits, Both In Winnings And Losses

Many people make a mistake by thinking their wallet is their bankroll. One of the most important advice from successful players is to set a limit of money for each visit to the casino. Make sure you set an amount that you're comfortable with if you were to lose it.

Professional players also suggest setting a winning goal. Has it happened to you that in your first spins you double your money, only to lose it all after a while? By setting a winning goal, you're protecting yourself against that possibility.

It's all about remaining in control of the situation at all times.

Look Out For Odds In Your Favour

Some slots pay an extra percentage when you bet on all lines. If you want to know how to win on VLTs take into consideration:

  • If you play one line, you get one credit.
  • If you play nine lines, you might get 12 credits.
  • That means the reward is 33% greater while maintaining the same chances.

It would make sense to bet on the nine lines, then. Casinos will always encourage players to bet more money, so make sure you're comfortable with the number of lines and bet per line.

Say No To Betting "Systems"

Progressive betting systems are a thing from the past. They're not worth your time and money.

Just take a look at every person who has said "I have a system," and you'll understand what we're talking about. It's a recipe for disaster. Discard any Martingale, Fibonacci, or D'Alembert names from your train of thought. We've seen them all fall and drag their naive investors along with them.

We hope you found our slot tips useful. Remember: as much as they try to persuade you, you're in control the whole time. It is your dollar who put them where they are. Exercise responsibility and set your goals early in the game.