A Trip Down the Memory Lane with the Space Invaders Slot

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Slot information:
Game:Space Invaders
Type:Video slot
FeaturesWild symbol
Min bet:0.1
Max bet:20
Slot RTP:96.16%

Do you know how to keep a secret? We would like it to stay between us, but a couple of members of our review team are a bit old. The reason why we are telling you that is that they remember the classic arcade game Space Invaders that first appeared in the 1970s, and was one of the most popular games to play for years. The guys at Playtech seem to remember this game, too, because they decided to create an online Space Invaders slot that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Even if you haven’t played the SI franchise, the chances are you know the basic. The goal of the players is to keep our planet safe from alien invaders by shooting them all. Let’s take a look at how the developers managed to adapt this in their Space Invaders online video slot, and whether you should give the game a chance.

It Looks Like You Are in the Arcade

The developers usually pay hefty sums of money to acquire licenses for their slots, which is why it is always nice to see when they use more than a name for the game. In this case, you will feel like you visited the arcade and started a Space Invaders game with a few twists.

The references to the original are everywhere around, and even the graphics are purposely retro. While some might say it is an old-school approach, others will love these visuals as it, and they might even make them nostalgic. Now, the developers did use animations and bonus features from modern days, but they managed to strike the right balance between the two.

Keep Our Planet Safe and Win Money

The arcade games are simple, so why would a slot machine based on them be any different? The first thing you notice is the classic five-reel layout, and when you assess the information screen, you find that a total of ten paylines bring you prizes. As for the symbols, here is a list of classes from the lowest to the highest paying category:

·         Green, blue, and purple aliens

·         Space canons

·         An Alien army

·         Flying saucers

·         Desolated planet

What Are the Bonus Features Available in the Space Invaders Slot?

The slot game also features some interesting twists that add to the gameplay. For starters, a cannon will move across the board, and a bonus feature is activated if it lands under the second or the fourth reel. When that happens, one of the symbols will be converted into a wild to boost the winning prizes. Additionally, you can get a free spin with wilds if you land a red UFO in the highest row of the third reel.


If you loved to play the original arcade, the chances are you will love the Space Invaders online slot. The developers have made an effort to convert the franchise into a casino surrounding, and managed to make an exciting slot game for both newbies and veterans!

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