The Ultimate Guide for Online Casino Newbies 

There’s more than just knowing the odds and the types of gambling games when playing online casino games. If you’re a beginner, prudence, patience and proper timing should be your first skills. Because of the experience and the time, we’ve stayed in the industry, as Casino Rewards, we know the ins and outs of what it takes to place your bets like a pro. Take a quick look at some of the insights that can get you started and begin earning bonuses and fast payouts.

How To Play Online Casino Games on Casino Rewards 

The Gameplay 

Casino Rewards operate more than 29 online casinos which have over 550 online games that give you the flexibility of choosing the right game for your set of skills and personal flavor.

First things first. Online games are played remotely via the internet by real players with real money. Whether you want to play roulette or blackjack, you’ll have to either download software or use your browser.

Most players prefer the downloaded versions of the online casino software because they can enjoy impeccable graphics and flawless gameplay as offered by the specs of their computers. Sometimes, using browsers can limit graphics and even sound effects because of web flash players are not sophisticated as integrated computer hardware graphics.  Casino Rewards games support all sets of devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Game Types

There are several types of casino games which you can play online, but most of them are variations of the following classic games.

Blackjack – others would prefer to call it the twenty-one as it’s an online card game of skill and sometimes luck that enables you to win when your cards value adds up to 21.  You’ll have to draw a hand that is greater than your opponent value without exceeding 21. Otherwise, you automatically lose. Once you’ve your two cards facing up, you can make a move – stand, hit, double down, take insurance, split or surrender.

Roulette – unlike blackjack which may need some level of astuteness, the roulette requires you to bet on the number where the ball lands once you spin the wheel. On top of choosing your number, you can try to increase the payout by selecting a correlating color (black or red). The board contains the outside and the inside area. As a beginner, you can start with the outside area as it is easier to win though with a small payout.

Slots – they’re simple and similar to the slot games you’re used to in your local physical casino only that this time it is done online. Slots have different variations and rules. Casino Rewards have the best types of slot games that are easier to understand and play. The objective of the game is choosing a sequence on the payline(s) you decide to bet on.

Video Poker -  like the classic poker game, the online video poker game involves five cards whose value directly determines the payout you’ll get. The game has risen to be one of the most played online gambling games because of its high odds and the use of one’s skills to influence the outcome of the game. The most intriguing thing is that you can play it alone without getting derogatory or dissecting remarks from pit bosses or fellow players.

Table Games – Casino Rewards table games are varied and have the best odds, and they give you the opportunity to have greater control of the game. The Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps are just some of the table games that can make you a millionaire in a whim!

Note that the rules of these incredible internet games are more or less similar to the classic games you play at your local discothèque. Remember to get acquainted with the basic rules before you start betting on any of them.

Casino Rewards VIP Points

You don’t want to cast your cash in slots and blackjacks in a site where they don’t recognize your presence. All Casino Reward member casinos enable you to use your VIP points earned depending on the wagers you place and upon participating in an email promotion, to play using your earned points. These points don’t expire, and you can always use them at your discretion.

The amazing thing is that you can cash in when you’ve over 1000 VIP points. For roulette and video poker you earn 0.5 points for each qualifying wager and 0.1 points for table games, blackjack, and sots. You can redeem your points whenever you want using your phone or computer.

Incredible Casino Reward Loyalty Program

How else could you treat your frequent clients? When playing in any of the Casino Rewards online casinos, you earn the status points like the VIP points. The number of status points you’ve dictates whether you’re a diamond, platinum, gold, silver or a bronze member. Once a member, you’re eligible for free bonuses, sweepstakes, email promotions and VIP jackpots.

Joining Casino Rewards

You’ll have to sign up and register if you are the new member. You’ll submit some of your details and banking information for making deposits and withdrawals. Once you sign up, you automatically receive a welcome bonus. Making deposits should be easy provided that your banking details have been confirmed.

You just won a jackpot or any amount, and you’d like to make a withdrawal – here is what you’ve to do. Withdrawals take two days to be processed, and you’ll have to wager if you’ve bonuses. You’ll place bets that amount to 30 times of your bonus and 60 times your bonus if it is a welcome bonus. By wagering, you’ll be converting the bonus to cash. Note that most users prefer wagering through slot games as they provide 100% of the bet.

So, What’s Different with Casino Rewards?

Casino Rewards provides a variety of games that enable you to choose the right game for your skill and wallet. Using latest technology, we have ensured that all online gameplay is in HD for players to enjoy incredible sound effects and unprecedented visuals. Once you sign up, you can earn bonuses, VIP points, and life-changing payouts. Take your chances to Casino Rewards, and you’ll be graciously rewarded.